Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Today is a weird day for me. Having come into technology as a PC lover, I was inspired a few years back to change my life for the better and surround myself around an experience that could harness my creativity and allow me to show my true potential and inspire others to do the same. Today, Steve Jobs, passed away. He seemed like a distant uncle to me. His leadership inspired me to do something that only 1700 other educators in the world have accomplished. This past year, I became an Apple Distinguished Educator and I couldn't be MORE proud now than the moment I found out. His visionary leadership has inspired me to try new things with technology, particularly in Educational Technology, that I couldn't have imagined doing before.

This commercial sums up my feelings for how I've approached technology in Education.

Inspiration is the best word I can sum up what this person has done for me personally and professionally!

Today I sat in on another podcast to pay tribute to the man. Although it won't be published for a few days, here's a "before" snapshot about how one mans vision has affected educators from around the world.

When the new episode gets posted, I'll link to it here!

Thanks Steve!

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Delaine said...

Thanks to Steve and Co for those iPod Touch devices. They've kept my sanity on long car trips with the kids - no fighting, no "are we there yet?" or "I'm bored." Genius!