Thursday, September 29, 2011

Talking... and a lot of it.

Yesterday was a very productive day for me. I started out attending a conference about the upcoming Common Core Standards that will be rolled out in the coming year. Lots of changes are in the works for teachers and students, but I think it's a good thing. One of the great things about the upcoming standards is that there is technology built right into them. This can be good because it takes a lot of the guessing game out of it for reluctant teachers since it explicitly states "Students will create digital media to..." right in there. The dialogue around our table was great... unfortunately, I had to leave early.

It then came time for me to talk, at the end of a long day for a group of 180+ CTE teachers. I don't know why I went on at the end, but they made me. I approached this talk a little different than I normally do. Since I'm labeled as "the tech guy", I didn't want to go up there and try to overwhelm them with a bunch of stuff... it was the end of the day and they'd heard enough. My talk was basically about teachers trying to find their inner nerd and harness that same level of passion in their students. The passion I'm referring to is when you get so involved in that ONE thing, that it's hard to turn your mind off of it. It appeared to be well received.

To cap off my day, I had the pleasure of being a guest speaker on a very popular podcast called MacReach. This was my first BIG TIME podcast, so I was a little nervous and wasn't sure how best to read the others on the Skype call. It was a lot of fun to talk with Meg Wilson & Kelly Dumont about all things Mac & iOS. These two are a couple of great educators I was able to meet at the ADE Institute this summer! Hopefully I'll get the chance to get on there again.

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