Friday, October 14, 2011

The next phase

It's been a little bit since I posted, and I thought I'd quickly reflect on things over the past few weeks. First off, I thought I'd include a picture from a presentation (not my best work) that I did a few weeks back. The title of the presentation was "Finding the nerd in us all" and I felt really good about it before I started, but going on at the very end of the day of a LONG conference is tough for anyone.

This past week was very busy for me on the prepartion front as well. This summer, ISTE is coming to California and I submitted four proposals for the event. I hope I get 1 to be honest... I just thought I'd load as much as I could into the event to see what stuck. We'll see... I wasn't as prepared as I'd like to be for the submission process. I submitted four (or more) to the annual CUE conference as well. Hoping for another great year!

This coming week, I have some BTSA training to help with as well as interviews for a VAPA consultant for our office. Looking forward to an exciting week.

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Tim Haston said...

Hey Mark,

My students constantly throw that nerd word around. It seems that the people that are comfortable with nerd being a positive thing are often the ones who are showing great success. I was called a nerd, or a preppy when I was in high school. I have ran into much of the in crowd as gas station attendants and all... they don't make fun of me for being a nerd anymore.